FY2018 Foundation Funded Project Detail

Specialized ultrasound equipment for cardiac patient evaluation and
treatment planning prior to Trans-aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure.
$212,000 Growth
Two Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine students will be tapped for
first-In-nation medical school Simulation Fellowship Program that gets underway
in the August 2018.
$126,800 Medical Education
Provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins and raises
the standard of care for patients undergoing surgical excision or biopsy
$ $118,000 Safety & Quailty
Direct examination of motor and sensory functions of swallowing so that
treatment can be given to patients with swallowing difficulties
to decrease their risk of aspiration (food and liquids going into the lungs
instead of the stomach) and choking.
$33,382 Safety & Quality
Beginning in the Summer of 2018, Southeast Health’s Internal Medicine residents
will begin providing follow-up care for patients in this supervised setting.
$25,000 Medical Education
Short-term critical prescription and transportation assistance for at-risk
Southeast Health patients meeting the hospital’s financial need criteria.
$20,000 Community Outreach
Assists with more accurate placement of advanced treatment IV lines for
critically ill patients in Neuro Critical Care and Critical Care units.
$31,000 Safety & Quality
Advanced nursing care training mannequins assist with new employee
orientation, nurse retention by reinforcing bedside skills.
$14,108 Medical Education
Provides privacy for breast-feeding moms and parents practicing kangaroo
care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
$12,603 Patient Comfort
Dedicated locking bedside medication and care carts for
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients.
$9,812 Safety & Quality
Provides diabetic testing supplies and diabetes education to uninsured patients
to help in lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of life.
Provided in partnership with BBVA Compass.
$5,000 Patient Education
Draeger BabyLeo Training $5,595 Safety & Quality
Post-mastectomy breast cancer patients benefit from lymphedema program
and initial compression garment(s) provided by Southeast Health’s Rehabilitation Services.
$5,000 Community Outreach
Southeast Health hospitalists provide one-day series of patient care practices and protocols
to reinforce bedside skills for hospital and community direct care provider.
$3,400 Medical Education
Provides critical education to patients who are at a high risk of developing diabetes
and diabetes related complications before the patient is diagnosed.
$2,534 Patient Education
Golf Cart Enclosure and Heater $2,000 Patient Comfort
Upgrade and replace equipment used in cardiac rehab program $25,000 Safety & Quality
Training program to integrate occupational and physical therapy into neonatal care $2,500 Safety & Quality
Creation of separate preschool rooms at Child Development Center $1,466 Safety & Quality
A care program to provide to support for family during the loss of a loved one $2,500 Patient Comfort
To provide diabetes education materials for patients $1,305 Patient Education
An educational program focusing on STEM studies with elementary, middle and high school students $17,000 Medical Education
Provided a specific water fountain for patients in Neuromuscular Rehab and Balance Center $2,500 Patient Comfort
Simulation training technology for students at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine $100,000 Medical Education
A student-faculty research project at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine $4,141 Medical Research
*Includes all grants $1,000 or less $1,445* Various